Introducing our newest product, Biodegradable Bamboo Straws!





We are on a mission to leave behind a greener environment for future generations.  At Cropsticks by Cropmade, we focus on producing products for Asian cuisine that are environmentally friendly at full circle. From choosing materials that are sustainable for the environment to recycling used product, we are committed.  As a new company, we are carefully evaluating each step we take and improving our processes along the way so that our carbon footprint is small and commitment to our mission remains big.  


Our first product to market is called Cropsticks, an innovation on the every day chopstick. With Cropsticks, you now have a built-in rest which is authentic to the Asian dining experience. Cropsticks are made from fast growing bamboo. Currently, 45% of one time use chopsticks are still made from trees. That’s around 36 billion chopsticks contributing to deforestation and increased carbon emissions. Chop a tree down, it’s gone forever.  But chop down bamboo, it grows right back.  

Once Cropsticks are used, restaurants have the option to upcycle our product into beautiful tiles made for shelving, flooring, table tops and more.  We like to think it’s being sustainable at full circle.  

We recently announced our Biodegradable Bamboo Straws made from bamboo plant fibers that are making an even bigger impact on the environment taking harmful plastic straw alternatives off the market. Current solutions like paper, straw, and hay straws all have durability and quality issues which we've solved with this new revolution in the straw industry. Our bamboo straws are resilient in liquids for hours, have no flavor, and are naturally textured giving them a durable feel both in your hand and while drinking.



Mylen Fe Yamamoto, Founder & Creator

Mylen Fe Yamamoto was on a flight to Asia when the idea to Cropsticks came to her in early 2015. Her chopsticks kept rolling off of the tray table and with a lot of time to think during the flight, the idea to the Cropsticks rest was born.  After more research, she realized the potential impact of her idea and that if she was going to move forward with the invention, she wanted to create with purpose. Thus the mission: “Leaving behind a greener environment for future generations” became the core vision for the Cropsticks.

At the time of idea conception, she was a clinical professor at Loyola Marymount University teaching entrepreneurship but by the end of May 2016, she decided to DO entrepreneurship full time. Teaching is Mylen’s first passion.

She is a fourth generation Japanese/Filipino American who was born and raised in Hawaii and now splits her time between Los Angeles and Hawaii. Her grandfather, Yozo Yamamoto fought for America in the 100th Infantry Battalion during WWII which she believes helped afford her freedoms of today. In a sense, the actions of past generations motivates her to do better for future ones. Why progress backwards after all of their hard work?

Cropsticks by Cropmade is on a journey to build a company with sustainability in mind for the generations to come.